It's important here to mention a few words about endorsements.  I don't believe in them.  I have a couple problems with the whole idea. 

Sometimes some "creative financing" for struggling musicians can be worked out but please don't ask me for an "endorsement" and I won't ask you...  That being said, below are some musicians  that do play Granata Guitars.

Cliff Eberhardt is a gifted singer-songwriter and guitar player.  He plays several Granata Guitars including a resonator.  More info on Cliff, including his touring schedule is available at his website.
Cheryl Wheeler is another  gifted singer-songwriter. Besides being a talented  player, she is also renowned for her hilarious improvisational storytelling between songs in her live performances.  She plays a 00 Granata nicknamed "Alice".  More info and touring schedule at her website.

Don't know Eric Taylor? You should.  At the top of the list of songwriters to come out of the Texas scene, Eric is stunning audiences everywhere with his effortless fingerstyle and knock 'em dead songs.
Tom Granata plays a couple of guitars made by his brother Peter including a 12 string.  Tom has completed a great CD project of Gordon Lightfoot covers you should check out.  Inquiries for CDs and bookings at: