Thank you for taking an interest in my guitars and visiting my web site.  Since I regard the construction of each instrument a personal experience I thought it would be nice to tell you something about myself.

I began building guitars in 1989 in a small (152 sq. ft.) one room shop.  I became obsessed with the art after having seen an instrument built by James Olson.  That's how I came to realize that an individual maker could make an instrument far superior to the factory built jobs I grew up with.

After about four years of experimenting, visiting local factories and shops, and several phone calls to Mr. Olson, I began to see my own instruments rise to the level of quality I so admired in other handmade guitars.  Sales began picking up and I was proud to show my work and call myself a luthier.  

Since then I've developed some of my own philosophies on guitar building, what they should sound like and what they should cost.  I built a new shop (1500 sq ft) which allows me to explore all these things.

An update to the above: 5/1/06

The inconsistencies in the custom  guitar business have forced me to re-evaluate my future.  While I continue to build beautiful guitars, it really has turned into more of a hobby.  I have taken a job as a project manager for a large plumbing/construction business.  While it has certainly cut down my available hours in the shop, it does allow me to see a day when I could actually retire.  As you will see, the pricing of my guitars reflects the amount I am able to produce in a year.  They are still built with all the love, care and attention to detail as before.  So while still worthy of ownership, I'm just not able to produce as many.  I still look forward to hearing from you and discussing any or all of your hopes a dreams in a handmade instrument.